The Most Romantic Countries by Car Along the from Amalfi Coast to Spain: A Journey of Love and Adventure

A road trip along the Mediterranean coastline is one of the most romantic adventures you can embark on with your special someone. Driving through breathtaking seaside landscapes, stopping at charming coastal towns, and experiencing the culture and history of European countries together will strengthen your bond and create lifelong memories.

From the picturesque Amalfi Coast to the quaint villages of Spain, here is a guide to the most romantic countries for couples to travel by car from Italy to Spain:

Table of Contents

  • Italy – Amalfi Coast
  • France – French Riviera
  • Monaco
  • Spain – Costa Brava
  • Italy – Amalfi Coast

Your road trip begins at the dramatically beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy, a 50 km stretch touted as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Cruise along the winding cliffside roads overlooking turquoise waters, passing through postcard-perfect towns like Positano with its pastel houses and Sorrento with its seaside piazzas. Stop for limoncello tastings, luxurious beach resort stays, and picturesque ferry rides to offshore islands.

Don’t Miss: Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Isle of Capri

  • France – French Riviera

Driving into France, continue your coastal journey along the glamorous French Riviera passing the ritzy resorts of Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez. Soak up elegant French culture in lavish belle époque hotels, try exciting water sports, or relax at chic beach clubs sipping rosé with views of the glistening Mediterranean.

Don’t Miss: Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Antibes

  • Monaco

No romantic Euro road trip is complete without a stop in the tiny principality of Monaco. Walk hand-in-hand in the fancy Monte Carlo quarter and try your luck at the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo. Watch the superyachts docked at Port Hercule, see the changing of guards at Prince’s Palace, and enjoy a window-seat meal at Cafe de Paris overlooking the race course.

  • Spain – Costa Brava

Crossing into Spain, wrap up your coastal journey with Catalonia’s beautiful Costa Brava. Stroll along the medieval walls in Girona, explore Salvador Dali’s home in Figueres, and admire the mix of Roman, Greek, Arabic and Christian influences in the architecture. Relax on the picturesque beaches of Costa Brava and feast on fresh local seafood.

Don’t Miss: Girona, Tossa de Mar, Cadaques, Figueres

Ideal Romantic Stops

  • Verona, Italy

The romance of Romeo and Juliet lives on in Verona. Stand on Juliet’s balcony, leave love notes on the walls, and watch an opera in the ancient Roman Arena di Verona.

  • Venice, Italy

Glide through the canals of the iconic floating city on a gondola, marvel at opulent architecture, and enjoy romantic walks through quaint piazzas.

  • Provence, France

Explore charming hilltop villages with lavender fields, visit historic abbeys and castles, and immerse in Provençal food and culture.

  • Tuscany, Italy

Stay at a countryside villa, go wine-tasting at vineyards, dig into fresh pasta feasts, and experience this quintessential region.

Tips for a Romantic Road Trip

  • Rent a comfortable yet stylish car with a sunroof for stargazing
  • Make collaborative road trip playlists
  • Pack a picnic basket with wine, cheese, fruit, and blanket
  • Research romantic boutique hotels or peaceful villas
  • Budget for fun couple experiences – pottery classes, hot air ballooning, Michelin star dining
  • Avoid major highways, take scenic secondary routes
  • Don’t rush, keep the trip flexible to follow whims


From the palm-fringed paradise of the Amalfi Coast to the quaint Spanish villages of Costa Brava, a road trip along the Mediterranean coastline offers an incredibly romantic adventure. The shared joy of exploring new places and creating unforgettable memories together will bring you closer than ever before.


What is the ideal duration for this road trip?

To experience each destination, allow 2-3 weeks. For a shorter trip, focus on 5-7 destinations over 8-10 days.

What car features are best for couples?

Opt for spacious rear seats that recline, sunroofs for stargazing, sound systems, in-car WiFi and built-in navigation systems.

What legal documents are needed?

International driving permit, vehicle insurance & registration, passports, travel insurance, European Health Insurance Cards, visa if required.

How can you personalize the romantic experience?

Pack couple t-shirts, custom road trip song playlist, scrapbook for collecting mementos, polaroid camera, lyric book to sing your love songs.

The journey through the most romantic countries along the Coast is more than a mere travel itinerary; it’s a poetic odyssey of love and adventure. Each country, with its unique charm and allure, adds a verse to the ballad of romance that echoes through time. So, pack your bags, hit the open road, and let the Amalfi Coast serenade you and your beloved with its timeless tales of love.

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