Top Romantic Dinner Spots in Italy: A Gastronomic Affair to Remember

Italy overflows with romance, from rolling Tuscan hills to gondola rides in Venice. But no experience says ti amo like an intimate Italian dinner for two – especially with stunning backdrops! This article covers the 10 most romantic dinner spots across Italy to dine with your darling. Get ready for magical meals and memories!

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Top 10 Romantic Dinner Spots
    • Terrazza Danieli, Venice
    • La Pergola, Rome
    • Torre del Saracino, Puglia
    • Bagni Delfino, Tuscany
    • Caffè dell’Orto, Florence
    • Belmond Caruso Ristorante, Amalfi Coast
    • Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, Milan
    • St Hubertus, South Tyrol
    • Damatò, Taormina
    • Locanda San Guiliano, Lake Maggiore
  • Planning a Romantic Italian Dinner Date
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion


Dining in Italy promises fresh pasta, velvety wines, and views waiting to sweep you off your feet. But some restaurants create evening experiences so magical, they top marriage proposal lists! This guide unveils the most romantic dinner spots across Italy’s regions.

From rooftops overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal to cliffside perches along the Amalfi Coast, intimate farmhouse trattorias to Michelin-starred havens, you’ll discover spots that marry cuisine masterpieces with drop-dead gorgeous ambiance. Read on for inspiration to plan your own gastronomic affair to remember – and leave room for dessert!

Top 10 Romantic Dinner Spots

Terrazza Danieli, Venice

With flickering candles and views of Venice’s iconic landmarks, the Danieli’s rooftop terrace sets the gold standard for romantic waterfront dining. Sip a Spritz and share locally-caught seafood as gondolas drift by along the canal below.

La Pergola, Rome

This 3-Michelin star spot offers an experience to remember with its dreamy city views and innovative takes on classic Italian cuisine. Look for pasta studded with white truffle shavings and bites featuring Alaskan king crab. The caviar and couture experience delivers over-the-top romance!

Torre del Saracino, Puglia

In a 13th century seaside tower, Chef Leandro’s seasonal tasting menus paired with local Pugliese wines offer a food journey through Southern Italy. Don’t miss the homemade orecchiette – little “ears” pasta with broccoli rabe. Magical experience under the stars!

Bagni Delfino, Tuscany

Overlooking sunflower fields in wine-loving Tuscany, this eclectic farmhouse trattoria run by artist Christine delivers creative takes on bistecca alla Fiorentina with Italian flair. Dine at a candlelit table outdoors or inside amidst Christine’s whimsical paintings.

Caffè dell’Orto, Florence

Tucked into Florence’s lush Orto Botanico, this romantic spot features a covered terrace overlooking beautiful gardens. Sip an expertly-crafted negroni while sharing plates of octopus salad and pappardelle limone – the perfect paradise found in Florence!

Belmond Caruso Ristorante, Amalfi Coast

Suspended over cliffs near fairy tale Positano, Belmond Caruso’s Michelin-starred restaurant offers an epicurean escape with coastal views. Enjoy lobster linguine on the Terrazza Gardenia or sample a decadent chocolate souffle – amore!

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, Milan

Led by chef Aimo Moroni, this innovative 2-star Milan haven marries culinary magic with chic intimacy in a 19th century palace. Look for fresh Sicilian-inspired seafood antipasti and buttery wagyu beef risottos. Reserve the secret “dish” table for two!

St Hubertus, South Tyrol

High in Italy’s Dolomites Mountains, 3-Michelin star St Hubertus combines stunning scenery and impeccable locally-sourced cuisine. Dine on Chef Norbert Nierderkofler’s inventive dishes like arctic char with smoked broccoli while overlooking vineyards and peaks.

Damatò, Taormina

This romantic restaurant in Sicily’s charming coastal town of Taormina seduces you with views of majestic Mt Etna. Feast on fresh Sicilian seafood or pasta with pesto alla Trapanese gazing out over the glittering coastline from Damatò’s vine-covered terrace.

Locanda San Guiliano, Lake Maggiore

Overlooking the tranquil Borromean Islands, this family-run locanda charms with garden seating under hanging wisteria vines. Share homemade plates of gnocchi with sage and butter or braised rabbit on glorious Lake Maggiore as the sun sets – total bliss!

Planning a Romantic Italian Dinner Date

To plan your own gastronomic affair to remember in Italy:

  • Check acclaimed chefs’ restaurants located in intimate settings.
  • Research Michelin-starred spots focused on regional, local cuisine.
  • Book restaurants with outdoor seating and views if possible.
  • Read reviews and make reservations well in advance.
  • Discuss food interests, budget, and desired ambiance with your partner.
  • Dress up! Italians take dining fashionably seriously.
  • Learn key Italian phrases to interact with your server.
  • Savor leisurely multiple courses vs rushing. This is an experience!
  • Indulge in wine pairings and leave room for dolce like tiramisu or panna cotta.

The ingredient that makes dining in Italy magical is appreciating each course as a sensual experience – from the aromas to textures, chat with your waiter to the sentiment of sharing the meal with someone cherished. Savor each delicious moment together!


What are the most romantic restaurants in Venice?

Terrazza Danieli for canal views, Osteria Bancogiro’s creative regional cuisine, Antiche Carampane’s hidden courtyard. Venice is for lovers!

What should you wear to high-end restaurants in Italy?

Opt for cocktail attire – suits or sportcoats, cocktail dresses, nice pants and blazers, elegant skirts. Leave shorts and flip flops for daytime wanderings.

How can you save money on Michelin-starred meals?

Book lunch instead of dinner when prices are lower. Look for tasting menus that offer value. Share plates and desserts! Stick to house wines instead of vintages.

Are reservations required at nice Italian restaurants?

Absolutely – book your table 1-3 months out for renowned restaurants, especially for peak summer months. Otherwise you may miss out!

What are uniquely romantic Italian dishes?

Risotto ai frutti di mare, casoncelli alla bergamasca (ravioli), bistecca alla Fiorentina to share, pasta al limone, wine paired meals.


Italy sets the stage for romance unmatched. I hope this article inspired ideas for planning your own intimate dinner whether you crave sweeping coastal views, gardens in Tuscany, or hidden trattorias to sample regional delights. Savor each delicious moment together!

Remember that in Italy, dining is meant to be a slow sensual experience – not rushed. Appreciate the aromas, textures, flavors, ambiance and most importantly, the company. Let intimate restaurants become the backdrop for creating lifelong memories with your tesoro. The food may be molto delizioso, but you are the main course. Salute!

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