The Most Romantic Countries by Car along the Provencal Coast: Exploring Love and Beauty

A road trip along the enchanting Provençal coastline offers couples a chance to bond while discovering captivating seaside villages, indulging in romantic experiences, and appreciating spectacular vistas. Driving through the evocative landscapes and cultures of France, Monaco and Italy will create unforgettable memories.

From lavender fields to cliffside roads, here is a guide to the most romantic countries to travel by car along the Provençal coast:

Table of Contents

  • France – French Riviera
  • Monaco
  • Italy – Ligurian Coast
  • Ideal Romantic Stopovers
  • Tips for a Romantic Road Trip
  • France – French Riviera

Begin your idyllic trip along the glamorous French Riviera in France, famed for its elegant resort towns and scenic corniche roads. Base yourself in Nice, take a coastal walk high above the glittering blue Mediterranean, go on a perfume-making class in Grasse, or relax on the beaches of glitzy Saint Tropez.

Don’t Miss: Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Èze

  • Monaco

Continue to the second smallest country in the world – Monaco. Take selfies at the ritzy Monte Carlo marina, try your luck at the opulent casino, tour Prince’s Palace, and soak in the old world romance of this tiny principality. Don’t bypass a chance for a spin on the legendary Monaco Formula 1 circuit.

  • Italy – Ligurian Coast

Entering Italy, meander through cliffside villages dotted along the gorgeous Ligurian coastline. Explore the Cinque Terre’s colourful fishing hamlets, go on boat trips to Portofino’s secluded San Fruttuoso Abbey, and walk through the medieval delights of Portovenere. Savour delicious pesto and seafood washed down with local wine.

Don’t Miss: Cinque Terre, Portofino, Portovenere, Camogli

Ideal Romantic Stopovers

  • Luberon, France

Admire lavender fields, tour rustic villages with cobbled squares and visit Cézanne’s art sites across this breathtaking Provençal region.

  • Aix-en-Provence, France

Lose yourselves in Aix-en-Provence’s artistic heritage and café culture. Visit Cézanne’s studio and Pauline Bonaparte’s elegant mansion.

  • Genoa, Italy

Italy’s largest seaport has an enchanting old town perfect for leisurely strolls past Portland stone palaces and Baroque cathedrals.

  • Portofino, Italy

Stay at a secluded cliffside hotel in this exclusive harbor town, go sailing in the Ligurian Sea, and live la dolce vita.

Tips for a Romantic Road Trip

  • Book boutique hotels, private villas and luxury spa resorts
  • Pack a gourmet picnic basket
  • Take a Polaroid camera and matching couple shirts
  • Make a collaborative road trip playlist
  • Focus more on experiences than ticking off destinations
  • Budget for romantic activities – hot air ballooning, Michelin star dining


From the idyllic French villages atop rocky cliffs to the technicolor harbors of Cinque Terre, a coastal road trip along the Provençal shores offers a sublimely romantic escape. Enjoying phenomenal views, luxurious experiences, local culture and most importantly – each other’s company – will help you forge memories to last a lifetime.


What’s the ideal duration for this road trip?

10-14 days to immerse in the destinations without rushing. It’s possible to condensed it into a week by focusing on 5-6 key places.

What legal documents are required?

Passports, International Driving Permit, vehicle insurance proof, visa if necessary.

What car features are best for couples?

Spacious rear seats, retractable sunroof for stargazing, luxury interiors, sound system, built-in navigation and WiFi.

What other trip extensions can couples consider?

Barcelona, Champagne region, Tuscany, Lake Como, Sicily, Malta, Venice

 Love Knows No Borders on the Provencal Coast

As you traverse the most romantic countries by car along the Provencal Coast, you’ll realize that love knows no borders. Each village, beach, and sunset becomes a testament to the eternal flame of romance. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or simply cherishing time together, this journey promises moments that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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