The Most Instagrammable Places in Moscow

Moscow, with its rich history and iconic landmarks, offers plenty of Instagrammable spots. Here are the top locations that will make your Instagram feed shine:

  • Red Square: This historic square is home to St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State Historical Museum, and the iconic Kremlin walls. Visit during different times of the day for diverse photo opportunities.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral: Capture the vibrant colors and unique architecture of this world-famous church, especially when it’s lit up at night.
  • Kremlin and Red Square Viewpoint: Head to the Zaryadye Park’s Floating Bridge for a stunning panoramic view of the Kremlin and Red Square against the Moscow River backdrop.
  • GUM Department Store: The ornate architecture of this historic shopping mall, especially during the holiday season, is perfect for elegant Instagram shots.
  • Bolshoi Theatre: The grand exterior of the Bolshoi Theatre is a sight to behold, especially when lit up in the evening. Capture it from Theatre Square for the best angle.
  • Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory): This elevated spot offers a breathtaking view of Moscow, including the Moscow State University building. It’s particularly stunning at sunset.
  • VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Centre): Explore the ornate pavilions, fountains, and sculptures of this Soviet-era exhibition center. The Friendship of Nations Fountain is a particularly popular spot for photos.
  • Izmailovsky Market: This bustling market is not only a great place for shopping but also for capturing vibrant colors, traditional crafts, and Russian souvenirs.
  • Tsaritsyno Palace: This historical palace complex features impressive architecture, lush gardens, and picturesque bridges, providing numerous Instagrammable spots.
  • Sculpture Park (Muzeon Park of Arts): Home to a vast collection of Soviet-era statues and sculptures, this park offers a unique backdrop for artistic Instagram photos.
  • Moscow Metro Stations: Many metro stations in Moscow are architectural masterpieces. Don’t miss stations like Komsomolskaya, Mayakovskaya, and Arbatskaya for their stunning designs.
  • Moscow City: The modern skyscrapers of Moscow City, especially the Evolution Tower and the Mercury City Tower, create a futuristic skyline perfect for urban Instagram shots.

Remember, Moscow is a city of contrasts, where ancient history meets modernity. Explore its diverse neighborhoods, museums, and parks to capture the essence of this dynamic and culturally rich city.

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