Sailing to Love: Best Romantic Boat Rides Around the World

From sunsets on the Seine to floating among Fijian islands, few experiences capture romance quite like an intimate cruise or boat ride for two. Exploring dreamy destinations together from the water allows you to savor stunning scenery, sip cocktails, steal kisses, and create lifelong memories.

This guide covers the world’s most romantic boat rides and cruises – the perfect activity for couples or honeymooners! From glassy Venetian canals to the glacial lakes of Patagonia, you’ll discover amazing aquatic escapes to reignite your passion. All aboard, lovebirds!

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Top Romantic Boat Rides
    • Venice, Italy
    • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    • River Seine, Paris
    • Komodo Islands, Indonesia
    • Milford Sound, New Zealand
    • Mekong River, Cambodia
    • Lake Como, Italy
    • Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
    • Glacier Lakes, Patagonia
    • Abacos Islands, Bahamas
  • Tips for a Romantic Cruise
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion


Whether you prefer an intimate gondola ride for two or a weeks-long cruise of remote islands, seeing the world’s beauty glide by from the deck of a boat feels undeniably romantic. Salt air, glittering waves, and bays dotted with tiny villages or soaring rock formations kindle a sense of adventure.

This guide features boat journeys across the globe from relaxing float trips to bucket list cruises exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites by sea. You’ll discover amazing aquatic experiences perfect for couples looking to embark on their own escape. Let the waves rock you into new adventures together!

Top Romantic Boat Rides

Venice, Italy

Glide through Venice’s canal network aboard a private gondola, floating under iconic Rialto Bridge as your gondolier sings Italian love songs. Sip prosecco as you witness the city’s charm from its most intimate perspective. Bellisimo!

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Sail for days through Vietnam’s island-dotted emerald bay on a traditional junk boat cruise. Kayak into hidden lagoons together, soak up panoramic views from your balcony, and bond over fresh seafood feasts on deck.

River Seine, Paris

See Paris’s top sights like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral drift by from river level aboard a romantic evening cruise. Cuddle on deck and toast your good fortune with French wine and cheese. Magnifique!

Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Spot komodo dragons and colorful corals on an intimate Indonesian island-hopping cruise. Sail on a wooden schooner, finding secluded pink-sand beaches and snorkeling vibrant reefs in this exotic paradise – just the two of you!

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Experience New Zealand’s breathtaking Fiordland region on an intimate small-ship cruise of Milford Sound. You’ll get unreal views of waterfalls pouring down sheer cliffs and rainforest-covered peaks framing the U-shaped glacial valley. Pure magic!

Mekong River, Cambodia

Slow down time on a relaxing cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam along the Mekong River visiting riverside villages, Buddhist temples, and floating markets. Disconnect from busy lives together on your private balcony gazing at exotic riverbanks.

Lake Como, Italy

On Italy’s Lake Como, rent a classic Riva speedboat or mahogany lake boat to explore glittering waters backed by dramatic Alpine scenery. Stop to swim and sunbathe along the lake’s secluded shores just the two of you.

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Multi-day small ship cruises allow couples to immerse yourselves in the remote grandeur of Fiordland National Park – think sky-high waterfalls, glacier-carved valleys, dolphins frolicking in your wake. You feel tiny against nature’s vast beauty.

Glacier Lakes, Patagonia

Traverse the Chilean side of Patagonia sailing from Puerto Montt to San Rafael Glacier aboard the Skorpios III cruise. Pass mesmerizing alpine scenery before disembarking to hike on the ice together. Spectacular!

Abacos Islands, Bahamas

For a laid-back barefoot getaway, charter a sailboat together to explore the exotic Abacos Islands. Snorkel clear waters, relax in your private cabin, and enjoy beach picnics alone on uninhabited beaches and cays.

No matter which romantic route you chart, setting sail with your sweetheart creates lasting memories. Let the waves guide you into new adventures!

Tips for a Romantic Cruise

To maximize romance on a couples’ cruise:

  • Book a room with a water view balcony to gaze out together privately.
  • Have dinner under the stars on deck or in an intimate specialty restaurant.
  • Research onboard entertainment and shows perfect for date nights.
  • Indulge in couples’ massages and facials at the spa.
  • Take advantage of ship activities like dance classes, wine tastings, and mixology lessons.
  • Jump into new experiences together like snorkeling tours or waterfall hikes at ports.
  • Disconnect from work and devices to fully immerse in each other’s company.

On the waves, you chart your own course. Let a romantic boat ride open up new horizons together!


What are the most romantic river cruises?

European cruises along the Rhine, Danube, Seine, Rhone and Douro rivers featuring charming towns, fabled castles, and wine regions. Shop small ship options.

When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?

Hurricane season when cruising can be riskier runs June 1 to November 30, with September and October generally peak months for storm activity. Plan accordingly.

What should you pack for a cruising couples vacation?

Swimwear, sun protection, motion sickness remedies, formal attire for evenings, shore excursion shoes, travel documents, cameras, medications, power strip/chargers. Travel light!

How early should you book a cruise?

Book 6-12 months ahead for specialty cabin selections, 5-7 months for regular staterooms. Last-minute deals can offer big savings though.

Should you purchase travel insurance for cruises?

Yes, in case you must cancel due to illness or other issues. Read the policy closely for covered circumstances like weather disruptions. Protect your investment.

What questions should couples ask before booking a cruise?

Is seasickness common on the itinerary? What is refund/cancellation policy? Is wifi free? What is the electrical voltage onboard? Can you request adjoining cabins?


I hope this guide inspired you to plan a romantic sailing escape somewhere special across the globe – whether that’s a leisurely weekend canal cruise or an adventurous two-week odyssey exploring remote islands by sea.

Being together on the open water – gaining new perspectives, embracing spontaneity, feeling salty breeze on your face – deepens your connection in wonderful ways. Let the tides bring you closer! Wishing you smooth sailing ahead on your journey through life together.

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