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My name is @follow_topolina and I am a travel writer with more than 10 years of experience helping people plan the trips of their dreams, travel paths leaving kind humanism in their wake.

Today I want to talk about some of the adventure experiences and destinations, trips to discover the most exciting, romantic and memorable world for couples with a bad sense of direction but a good palate and a good nose for hospitality.

Whether you’re looking for an active getaway full of new experiences or want to relax on a secluded beach, there are amazing destinations perfect for you and your partner to explore together. Keep reading these stories and tips. You will also find master products to make your quality trip comfortable, dynamic and practical.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Top Couple-Friendly Adventure Destinations
    • Hiking in Patagonia, Chile
    • Safari in Masai Mara, Kenya
    • Snorkeling in The Maldives
    • Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah
    • Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica
    • Trekking in Nepal
    • Northern Lights Viewing in Iceland
  • Planning Your Couples Adventure
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion


Traveling as a couple can be such a bonding, unforgettable experience. You get to explore new terrains, cultures, foods, and activities together. Some of my favorite destinations for couples looking for an active, adventurous trip are outdoor places that allow you to challenge yourselves while taking in incredible scenery. Of course, it’s also essential to balance the thrills with some relaxation – couples massages or wine tasting after an active day can be pure bliss!

This article outlines some of the top adventurous destinations perfect for couples looking to challenge themselves, learn new skills, take in jaw-dropping scenery, and bond while discovering the world together. Whether you love hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, surfing or even chasing the Northern Lights, there are amazing places to choose from. Let’s dive in!

Top Couple-Friendly Adventure Destinations

Hiking in Patagonia, Chile

For adventurous couples who love traversing alpine landscapes, Patagonia is an absolute dream. The Torres del Paine National Park in Chile offers some of the most incredible hiking trails in the world. You can choose from day hikes to multi-day backpacking treks that allow you to take in glaciers, emerald lakes, sheer mountain faces like the imposing granite towers that give the park its name, and wildlife like guanacos, rheas, and condors. Some hike highlights include:

  • Trekking the “W” Circuit – this challenging 5-day hike takes you on a spectacular route where you can see the Torres” towers up close, mountain vistas, the electric blue Grey Glacier, and icebergs floating down Grey Lake. You’ll traverse alternating forest and open steppe landscapes.
  • Day hiking to the Base of the Towers – this iconic 10-hour hike takes you up close to the Torres, with huge granite peaks and glacial lakes that reflect them beautifully.
  • Hiking to see Grey Glacier – this rewarding day hike takes you along the shores of Lake Grey to panoramic views of the enormous, bluish Grey Glacier. Look for chunks of ice that regularly carve off into the lake!

The best times to visit Patagonia for hiking are October to April when the temperatures are warmest. Just come prepared for rapidly changing weather! Choose a route based on your experience level and fitness, bring proper gear, and get ready for the hiking and views of a lifetime together in Patagonia!

Safari in Masai Mara, Kenya

An African safari is a bucket list adventure for so many couples, and Masai Mara National Reserve is a prime spot to experience an incredible density and diversity of wildlife. The Mara River runs through the reserve, which is prime habitat for lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, hippos, zebras, antelopes, crocodiles, wildebeest and so much more.

Some highlights of a couple’s safari in Masai Mara include:

  • Riding in an open-top jeep at sunrise with a knowledgeable guide to spot tons of animals – you’ll get so close!
  • Staying in a romantic luxury safari lodge with a watering hole right off your balcony – perfect for snuggling while animal viewing.
  • Taking a hot air balloon ride together at sunset for views of epic golden landscapes dotted with wildlife roaming below you.
  • Visiting a traditional Masai village to learn about the culture.
  • Enjoying delicious open-air picnic lunches on your drives.

The best time to visit Masai Mara is from July-October during the annual wildebeest migration when over a million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles move through in search of new grazing lands – it’s the world’s largest overland migration and an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon to witness. Come prepared with cameras, binoculars, hats, and sunscreen – you’ll never stop using them on safari!

Snorkeling in The Maldives

For couples who want equal parts adventure and luxury relaxation, you can’t top the Maldives. This tropical nation made up of over 1,000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean offers not just world-class swimming, snorkeling and diving, but also ultra-indulgent resorts with overwater bungalows.

Some top couple experiences include:

  • Snorkeling right off your bungalow deck to see the colorful reefs and abundant marine life like sea turtles, manta rays, and whale sharks. No boat required!
  • Signing up for a guided snorkeling tour to swim with whale sharks and mobula rays. These gentle ocean giants are breathtaking.
  • Booking a sunset cruise where you can watch the sky turn fiery shades of orange and pink before jumping in for a romantic night swim surrounded by bioluminescence.
  • Taking a guided manta ray snorkeling trip at night with plankton that glows an eerie blue when you disturb it.
  • Enjoying a beachside massage together after a full day of water adventures.

Any time of year is ideal for visiting the Maldives. Just note that December-April offers the calmest seas and best visibility underwater. Don’t forget your waterproof camera – the underwater world here is unreal!

Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

For active, outdoorsy couples who love a thrill, it’s hard to top mountain biking in the rugged red rock landscapes of Moab, Utah. This adventurer’s oasis has endless trails and terrain to challenge yourself on a bike, from winding singletrack with technical rock features to fast downhill runs.

Some iconic Moab mountain biking trails and activities for couples include:

  • Biking the Whole Enchilada – this epic 26-mile route takes you through varied terrain as you descend over 7,000 feet from the peaks of the La Sal Mountains down to the Colorado River. It’s a rugged but incredibly scenic ride.
  • Tackling the Slickrock Bike Trail – this demanding trail takes you up and over steep slickrock on an iconic 10-mile loop.
  • Riding through Arches National Park and stopping to explore the massive rock formations on foot.
  • Taking a sunset e-bike tour so you can cover more ground with less effort while the rocks glow golden.
  • Rewarding yourself after a tough ride with beers at local breweries like Moab Brewery.

Spring and fall are ideal times to visit Moab to avoid extreme summer heat. And don’t forget elbow and knee pads – the trails are technical! Get ready for nonstop fun tackling the terrain together.

Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica

What’s more romantic than learning to surf together? For couples who want that perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and passion, head to the beaches of Costa Rica. Top spots like Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast offer excellent surf for beginners, warm water temperatures year-round, and plenty of expert instructors.

Some highlights include:

  • Taking a private couples surfing lesson to get the basics down together – it’s fun eating it in the water as you learn!
  • Surfing Playa Grande and trying to spot leatherback sea turtles nesting onshore.
  • Renting a scooter to cruise from beach to beach in search of waves.
  • Indulging in beachfront massages after you’ve worked those surf muscles.
  • Hiking in the jungle to hidden waterfalls and swimming holes.

-Sampling the fresh, innovative cuisine and craft beer scene after a day riding waves.

Any time of year is great for surfing in Costa Rica, though the dry season December-August offers the most consistently ideal conditions. The warm water makes it comfortable for learning year-round. Bring plenty of sunscreen and get ready to catch that surfing bug together!

Trekking in Nepal

For hardcore hiking couples who dream big, taking on the challenge of trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal is an unforgettable, bonding bucket list adventure. You’ll traverse breathtaking Himalayan scenery, get immersed in Sherpa culture, push your limits, and share the thrill of reaching your goal together.

The trek includes highlights like:

  • Hiking to the famous Tengboche Monastery, set dramatically on a ridge with killer Everest views.
  • Stopping in villages dotted along the trail to sample Sherpa cuisine like momos (dumplings) and tibetan bread.
  • Wondering how yaks make it up the steep, rocky trails – you’ll see lots of these sure-footed creatures.
  • Reaching the turquoise lake of Gokyo Ri with sweeping vistas of jagged, snow-capped Himalayan peaks and prayer flags fluttering.
  • Finally approaching Everest Base Camp at 17,000 feet, where expedition tents dot the landscape under imposing peaks. You made it!

Spring and fall are the best times to trek, when skies are clearest. Allocate 2-3 weeks to allow time to acclimate to the high altitude. The payoff of conquering the journey arm in arm is so rewarding. You’ll be on top of the world in more ways than one!

Northern Lights Viewing in Iceland

For couples craving a truly magical adventure where nature puts on an unbelievable show, witnessing the aurora borealis – or Northern Lights- in Iceland is a must. Iceland’s high northern latitude makes it one of the best places on Earth to see this celestial phenomenon that looks like undulating ribbons of green, purple, pink and blue light dancing across the night sky.

Some romantic Northern Lights activities for couples include:

  • Booking evening “Northern Lights cruises” where you sail far from shore into dark waters with less light pollution for optimal aurora viewing. Cuddle up on the deck together!
  • Staying in geothermally heated glass igloos out in nature so you can watch the lights glimmer overhead while cozy in bed.
  • Soaking in geothermal hot spring pools under the colorful night sky.
  • Going on guided evening hikes or super jeep tours away from city lights.
  • Warming up after watching with a cocktail in a local bar in buzzing Reykjavik.

To maximize your chances, visit Iceland in fall through spring when nights are longest. And don’t forget your camera – the Northern Lights are jaw-dropping! Check this once-in-a-lifetime experience off your couples travel bucket list.

Planning Your Couples Adventure

Once you’ve settled on your destination, make sure to iron out all the nitty gritty details together as a team. Here are some key tips for planning an epic couples adventure:

  • Discuss your goals, must-sees, and budget. Make sure you align on what experiences are highest priority so there’s no disappointment!
  • Divide and conquer responsibilities. Share the tasks from booking flights to renting gear needed for your activities.
  • Leave room for spontaneity. Have a rough itinerary but also flexibility built in to take advantage of unexpected opportunities that pop up.
  • Pack together. Share packing lists and make sure you each understand what the other person needs to bring. Lightweight and layers are key!
  • Research safety. Look into any important safety topics relevant for your destination from clothes needed to wildlife precautions. Being prepared alleviates stress.
  • Book needed tours or guides in advance. For certain experiences like trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, spots sell out quickly. Reserve early.

Most importantly, go into your adventure with open minds, patience, and appreciation for the journey you’ll share. Making incredible memories together exploring the world is such a gift. Savor every moment!


Should we book lodging far in advance for popular destinations?

Yes, for peak season travel, book hotels/lodging at least 2-3 months in advance if possible. Popular couple-friendly places like the Maldives are best booked many months out.

Is travel insurance worth it for adventures?

Absolutely – you never know when illness, injury, canceled flights or other hiccups may occur. Protect your investment and peace of mind. Read policies closely.

Any packing tips for couples adventures?

Pack 50% less than you think you need! Focus on lightweight layers that offer versatility no matter the climate. Coordinate with your partner so you can share things like first aid kits, chargers, and toiletries.

Do we need to speak the local language everywhere we travel?

While not strictly necessary if visiting tourist-friendly destinations, learning some key phrases in the local language shows respect. You’ll get a much richer cultural experience connecting with locals.

What are your top money-saving tips for couples?

Travel in shoulder seasons when prices dip and crowds are smaller. Get just one nice hotel room and cheaper Airbnbs/hostels the rest of the time. Cook together sometimes using groceries from markets. Take overnight buses or trains. Splurge on experiences, but save elsewhere!


I hope this guide has ignited inspiration for your next great couples adventure! Whether you prefer an exhilarating active getaway exploring incredible landscapes or want to mix tranquility and nature immersion into the itinerary, there are so many amazing destinations perfect for you and your partner to discover – and strengthen your bond – together.

Remember to fully research your options, align on priorities with your partner, take care of pre-trip details, and most importantly, let the childlike awe and wonder flow freely when you arrive. Embrace mishaps as part of the journey. Savor intimate moments shared along the way. Adventure awaits – time to start dreaming, planning, and packing! Feel free to reach out if you need any specific trip-planning tips.

Happy travels! Let those passports fill up with magical stamps and stories.

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